Ubuntu 9.10 Remix Frustration

Ok, so I downloaded Ubuntu 9.10 Remix; burned it; installed it. All flawlessly on my Dell 700m. This laptop is old, Pentium M 1.8; 2GB Ram, 60 GB Hard Drive. Yes, I know this is a old laptop, but honestly it does everything that a "Netbook" does 12.1"  1280x800 screen, DVD Burner.. OK battery life.

So, I installed Remix, and everything went as expected except that I can't use it.  It seems that the Intel 852/855 Video chipset doesn't properly work due to the "fancy" video rendering Remix uses.

I doubt anyone is reading this, but if you have a possible solution I would be glad to hear it. From what I can tell I think Remix is perfect for this laptop so ...

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