Terminal Server Licensing

This is a pretty basic one today, but I thought it would be worth noting. In a domain if you want to use Terminal Server licensing on a local server instead of the auto-detected server follow this guide: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/279561

To tighten security on that server so other Terminal Servers can not use your licenses
goto "Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Terminal Services\TS Licensing"
Enable "License server security group"
Add your Terminal Server on the Licensing server to the "Terminal Server Computers" group.


Mythbuntu: Firewire Channel and Recording

I got this working, and it was helluva lot simpler than I had been going after. There were a few key settings that made everything just fall into place and "just work".
First and foremost find out what works best for YOUR STB. From everything I've read Motorola's like Broadcast @ 400mbps. Most articles I've read tell you use Point to Point (P2P), this failed every single time for me. So Broadcast and 400mbps (this is in back end settings for your device).
That is really all I needed to do to get it working, but here are my notes on if it does fail how you can prime the STB.

Mythbuntu: Antec Fusion v1 VFD & MCE Remote

I like simple. But in trying to get my VFD and MCE remote working seemed anything but. So this is how I got my VFD and MCE remote working. This is pretty strait forward, I tried all sorts of articles but all in all, if you are running 0.22 this is what I came up with.

Mythbuntu: Mounting Media

I was going to write up a long nice detailed thing here, but then I found this, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and now I don't need to as it explains it way better.

Ubuntu 9.10 Remix Frustration

Ok, so I downloaded Ubuntu 9.10 Remix; burned it; installed it. All flawlessly on my Dell 700m. This laptop is old, Pentium M 1.8; 2GB Ram, 60 GB Hard Drive. Yes, I know this is a old laptop, but honestly it does everything that a "Netbook" does 12.1"  1280x800 screen, DVD Burner.. OK battery life.

So, I installed Remix, and everything went as expected except that I can't use it.  It seems that the Intel 852/855 Video chipset doesn't properly work due to the "fancy" video rendering Remix uses.

I doubt anyone is reading this, but if you have a possible solution I would be glad to hear it. From what I can tell I think Remix is perfect for this laptop so ...