Etherchannel or "trunking" on a Cisco 3560G

Pretty simple actually, select the ports you would like to trunk.

conf t
int range g0/1 - 2
channel-group 1 mode desired
switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
switchport mode trunk

You can check if the ports are trunked by running...

sh int po1

sh eth 1 sum or det

Printers on Server 2003

OK, so I've been using Server 2003 for quite some time now, and kinda surprised I've never seen this before.

When in the printers and faxes window, you can right click in the empty space to change ports, remove old drivers, change Forms and change Advanced printer settings.

This is useful when you need to add a printer to a Terminal Server for users. Also, it seems that Xerox printers do not install drivers by default in Terminal Services, so installing/adding the universal printer drivers ahead of time seems to help.

Macbook Pro with a External Monitor

New trick for the day for Macbook Pro's (might work on regular Macbook's as well). Plug in the external display, set for mirroring. Close the lid, use your USB keyboard or mouse to wake up the Mac. That's it; it should show up on your external display working...