Change the default location of the user profiles in Windows 2003 Server

Goal is to define an alternate location for user profiles; move them from the C: drive to a different drive due to space allocation. I want to store the terminal server profiles on a different drive.

In the registry find:
HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\ProfileList

ProfilesDirectory:C:\Documents and Settings

Change to:
ProfilesDirectory:X:\Documents and Settings

**Note** Existing Profiles will remain under C:\Documents And Settings; you'll need to move these profiles manually.

New users will have there profile created in the location you specified.

There is also an administrative template which enables you to set the default place teminal server profiles. You can find this template at following location in the group policy editor:
Computer Configuration\Administraive Templates\Windows Components\Terminal Services\Set Path for TS Roaming Prifiles.

Take Ownership in Registry

This is a neat little trick, if you have a registry key you can't take ownership of or delete.

Downoload 'PsTools'
Unpack file *psexec.exe* and place it in *C:\Windows\System32*

next run *cmd.exe* with administrative previlliges (right click on it
as admin if you use UAC) and in *cmd.exe* type:

-this command allow you run *regedit.exe* from a SYSTEM account (not
from your account) so remember if you want remove any key the owner of
this key should be SYSTEM now and full control for him for this key
(see PsTools describe)